Siberian husky for sale or swap in Lipa City, Calabarzon for sale

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Need new home..
Pure & quality breed Siberian husky puppies
PCCI Registered
4x dewormed and 2x 6 in 1 vaccines w/vaccination record.
DOB: Oct. 09, 2015
3 months na sila
Male 1 - bi-eyed (blue & almond eye) - copper red- 16K
female - bi-eyed (blue & almond eye) -copper red - 18K
pwede din swap sa female pure pomeranian/chowchow/pug/
RFS: tutok ako sa chow chow kesa husky,
Meet up lipa city
yung pic nila payat tingnan kasi bagong ligo pero magaganda yan sa personal,
Please contact us for details:
eric: 09333823680